The added values for companies

You and your company can benefit from the advantages of the simplified integration of PV and storage systems into your customers' home grid.

Pluggable solutions for your goals

WATTSTER energy management for pluggable integration enables new products, solutions and sales concepts. This allows you to address existing target groups - and win new ones.

A solar installer mounts a plug-in solar system on the roof.

For solar/installers

Wattando's energy management would like to support you and your team in this:
  • Offer your customers new, non-invasive products
  • Tap into target groups for whom the previously very time-consuming, fixed integration into the home network was too complex - for many households associated with many hurdles and barriers
  • Serve the ever-increasing demand even with a small team
  • and offer their customers all-round smart energy management for their own energy solution
Talking to the local public utility or energy supplier via webcam

For energy suppliers and municipal utilities

Are you looking for new products or new options for customer acquisition and retention? We offer:
  • Plug-in, low-threshold solutions that are highly attractive in terms of distribution
  • clear added value for your customers - especially in connection with the rollout of smart meters
  • the possibilities to design new product offerings (for example with reversible leasing models)
  • all this far beyond the performance of the simple balcony solar module
A modern housing estate with multi-family houses in the green. A potential business field for the housing and real estate industry that can be developed through plug-in solar systems.

For the housing and real estate industry

Plug-in systems make it possible:
  • Simple, scalable and reversible tenant power systems
  • Non-invasive commissioning in the electrical installation of tenants
  • Significant effect on the energy balance (larger systems become possible)
  • Concrete action in the field of sustainability
Image of two persons in a meeting of a component manufacturer or solution provider

For component manufacturers and solution providers

Our offer:
  • Expand your portfolio with ready-to-plug-in complete systems
  • tap into new target groups
  • Benefit from new logistics and distribution concepts (ready-to-plug-in complete systems are hub goods, not forwarding goods)