Decarbonisation. Decentralisation. Digitisation.

Decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization.

As a smart energy management system, Wattster stands for the three big "Ds" of the energy transition. And it goes one better:


With Wattster, we are enabling more people than ever before to benefit from the advantages of decentralized solutions. Especially those who want to, but usually can't - because it is not possible to make changes to the electrical installations. For example, tenants who have so far been excluded from the benefits of decentralized solutions. Democratization therefore means one thing above all:
Making it easier for everyone.

In the future, everyone who has a socket at home should not only be able to consume electricity.

Everyone who has a socket and space for their own energy solutions should also be able to bring green electricity into the socket and use it - even beyond 600 watts.

Our goal is to really spread decentralized energy. With our solutions, we support all those who do exactly that: solar installers, roofers, energy consultants, component manufacturers, solution providers, energy suppliers, municipal utilities or players from the housing and real estate industry.
This is how we achieve what we set out to do:
Making the energy transition simple together.

The founding team

Boris Klebensberger, one of the founders and managing directors of Wattando

Boris Klebensberger

Boris was one of the early employees at Solarworld AG. In the following 13 years, he was responsible for the development and growth to Europe's largest solar module producer: most recently as COO of the AG, as General Manager and President for the USA.

Subsequently, he also worked as COO for the equipment manufacturer centrotherm photovoltaics AG. Until founding Wattando, he worked as a freelance consultant for international companies and start-ups in the energy sector.

Boris is the managing director of Wattando. As an electrical engineer, he also leads the technical development. For example, he developed the SIMPLUG technology - the smart heart of WATTSTER.

Stefan Ulfert, one of the founders of Wattando, responsible for Marketing and Customer Success

Stefan Ulfert

After working for several digital agencies, Stefan worked as a freelance marketing consultant in the field of brand and communication strategy. The spectrum of topics was diverse: from automotive groups to German SMEs and social institutions.

At Wattando, Stefan contributes his experience in corporate and product communication, digital product development and strategic brand management. He has been following the topic of plug-in solar very closely for a good seven years.

Stefan is responsible for marketing and digital applications - and therefore often puts the customer's goals at the center of everything he does.

A network for ideas and energy

On our way so far, we have had great opportunities for exchange, mutual challenge and collaboration. This is true for our current (and still secret) partners as well as for SpinLab in Leipzig.

Spinlab Leipzig is one of Europe's top accelerators. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the coaches and partners once again. In exchange with them, at the Spinlab's desks - and behind the ping-pong table - the founding team laid the foundation for Wattando.

Of course, we are also happy to talk to investors who would like to support us in our goal: to bring the power of local and green electricity production into the everyday lives of as many people as possible - for the future of everyone.

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