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Wattando founders Boris Klebensberger and Stefan Ulfert
Press Release

Connecting to the future: Wattando simplifies the integration of classic solar systems

Dresden, May 22, 2022

With the solution developed by the Dresden-based startup Wattando, installers should be able to better meet the high demand for PV and storage systems: Wattster, a smart energy management system, enables the pluggable integration of PV and storage systems with outputs of 1 kW to 70 kW. This enables connection values far beyond the plug-in solar devices currently in high demand. The common feature is easier integration into existing electrical installations.

Two major hurdles have so far slowed down a comprehensive energy turnaround: On the one hand, the general shortage of skilled workers, and on the other, the very specific, time-consuming connection of PV systems. This is precisely where the start-up comes in: It aims to connect larger and thus more powerful PV systems to the household power grid via the existing lines, drastically reducing both the necessary workload and the structural interventions in the electrical installation. "Half an hour instead of half a day" is the claim of the team around the two founders Boris Klebensberger and Stefan Ulfert.

By simplifying integration into the final circuit of an apartment, house or commercial property, more people than before will benefit from the advantages of decentralized solar solutions. This includes, in particular, those who have always wanted to but could not because of the hurdles of classic installations, for example because they do not even own the electrical installation - such as millions of tenants. In this way, access to the PV system is democratized, so to speak. Because without the previously necessary structural interventions in the electrical installation, systems with outputs far beyond balcony solar can be integrated quickly and easily - and the energy turnaround moves forward much faster.

About Wattando

Wattando GmbH was founded in Dresden in 2021. The company develops solutions that enable installers* to meet the ever-growing demand for PV and storage systems more efficiently than with conventional integration into an AC household grid. The self-developed energy management system "Wattster", a combination of hardware and app, enables the pluggable integration of solar systems and storage units with an output of 1kW to 70 kW, single- and three-phase. The spectrum of connection options ranges from plug-in connections to direct wiring at the
distribution box. This makes it possible for the countless households that do not own the electrical installation or are unable to install new cables or make changes to the house installation for other reasons to use locally generated electricity. The product launch is scheduled for Q2/2023.

Wattando is part of the de:hub network, the digital ecosystem for startups of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

About the founders

Boris Klebensberger was one of the early employees at Solarworld AG. In the following 13 years, he was responsible for the development and growth to Europe's largest solar module producer: most recently as COO of the AG, as General Manager and President for the USA. Subsequently, he also worked as COO for the equipment manufacturer centrotherm photovoltaics AG. Until founding Wattando, Boris Klebensberger worked as a freelance consultant for international companies and start-ups in the energy industry. As an electrical engineer, Boris also leads technical development. For example, he developed the SIMPLUG technology - the smart heart of the Wattster.

After numerous positions in digital agencies, Stefan Ulfert worked as a freelance concept developer in the field of marketing and brand strategy. The spectrum of clients he was able to support was broad: These include brands such as Audi, Volkswagen Financial Services, A. Lange & Söhne, GEZE to social institutions such as the German Children and Youth Foundation - directly or in collaboration with agencies. At Wattando, he brings his interdisciplinary experience in corporate and product communication, digital product development and strategic brand management. He has been intensively pursuing the topic of plug-in solar for over seven years.

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About Wattando

Wattando GmbH develops solutions that enable installers to meet the high demand for PV and storage systems more efficiently than before. For this purpose, Wattando offers the energy management system "Wattster", which enables the simpler and faster integration of classic solar systems and storage units - and this for systems with a power spectrum of 1 kilowatt to 44 kilowatts. The numerous structural changes to electrical installations, juxtaposed with an ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers, are considered one of the major obstacles to a broad-based energy turnaround. Wattando was founded by Boris Klebensberger, former COO of Solarworld AG, and Stefan Ulfert, digital product and marketing strategist.

Wattando is part of the de:hub network, the digital ecosystem for startups of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, as well as part of TELEKOM TECH BOOST, Deutsche Telekom's startup program.

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